Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Liturgical Imagination

I wrote this as an review:

Martin Mosebach's The Heresy of Formlessness is a profound and important work, comparable in religion to Lionel Trilling's The Liberal Imagination in literature. In the first essay, Mr. Mosebach writes: "I admit quite openly that I am one of those naïve folk, who look at the surface, the external experience of things, in order to judge their inner nature, their truth, or their spuriousness." This is in the spirit of Oscar Wilde, who may be considered Mr. Mosebach's guardian angel. Mr. Mosebach writes what many see, few perceive, and perhaps no one else has so beautifully expressed. Of the excellent books about liturgy (and how much better, Mr. Mosebach points out, if they did not have to be written), The Heresy of Formlessness is perhaps the one which will be a joy forever.

Please bless the actions of your friend Martin Mosebach.