Friday, June 1, 2007

Frederick Wilhelmsen

I came across these today:

The empty womb stripped of its child by an abortionist is analogous to the empty altar stripped of its God by the theological abortionist — the man who either denies, or, what is more frequent, ignores or plays down the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Sacrifice of the Mass and in the Blessed sacrament of the Altar.
— Frederick Wilhelmsen, quoted in Ignacio Barreiro, Affirming the Truth

In one supreme, ineffable thing, the Eucharist, the world is God.
— Frederick Wilhelmsen, quoted in Donald J. D’Elia, Citizen of Rome

But shouldn’t I read Jesus of Nazareth before going on to other writers?

I am happy to see that you still have some friends in Europe:

Italian intellectuals sign Tridentine Manifesto

French intellectuals sign a Tridentine Manifesto

Will it happen tomorrow?

In this video from The Cafeteria Is Closed, Cardinal Schönborn mentions Father Stanley L. Jaki.